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[08 Jul 2004|01:48am]
new journal!
new journal!
new journal!
new journal!
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[20 May 2004|11:40pm]
Wow. The new Atreyu is amazing.
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[20 May 2004|11:22pm]
So for the first time in forever, I was watching the O'reilly Factor, and this guy, a preacher of some sort, said Mary was a single mother???
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[05 May 2004|10:29pm]
to my favorite liar, Collapse )
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[01 May 2004|01:45am]
So tonight was my last show. It went really well I think. For some reason I couldn't breathe though and I felt like I wasn't getting oxygen...

We had our pictures taken by azuree ((who by the way is the coolest)) and ended up hanging out with her and her friend nick all night. great night, hopefully the start of a great weekend.
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[27 Apr 2004|10:02pm]
Don't you hate it when things get out of hand?
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[26 Apr 2004|10:28pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So this is the greatest song ever. Thanks Kristen for sending it to me.

I quit the band tonite. Friday is my last show. EVERYONE COME! I'm sick of drama and being stressed, and I'm leaving to Kentucky in a few months. It's just not worth the trouble if it's only temporary. But everyone keep listening to the guys, they still play good music.

So, I bid you all farewell as the Singer of London is Tonight.

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[25 Apr 2004|12:49am]
[ mood | tired ]

battle was today. we got shafted by crappy judges. we placed 10 of 12, basically cause they don't like screaming...but somehow we managed to sell a ton of merch, and get tons of people to come to the show next week. i dunno maybe we do suck. it's fun none the less.

grad night was also really fun, I met the coolest people ever. Girls that dance really good too. they rule.

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